Conditions for publication of images from the library

(unless otherwise agreed)

1) All images in the database of are copyrighted and protected by law and may not be used without permission.

2) Ordered images will be transmitted only by e-mail or sent on CD-Roms, which always remain property of and must be returned undamaged within three weeks to: 84025, NL-2508 AA Den Haag, The Netherlands

3) Images may only be used for the previously agreed purpose. Use means: publication or let publish the original image or parts of it. Any manipulation of the image(s) is prohibited.

4) In any circumstance as the owner keeps the copyrights of the images.

5) The publication fees, mentioned in our list are prices for single publication in the EC. Outside the EC we charge a 50% supplement. For worldwide use: +100%. Reinsertation in the credits of the the same issue: +30%

6) For consignments we charge ¤ 35,-- wich amount will be repayed when the images are used for publication. Any costs for couriers are always chargable to the user, which remains responsable for the goods until these are in the possession of

7) Fees are mentioned in Euros (€) and used outside the Netherlands free of VAT. Payments are within two weeks after dat of invoice. Delay of payment will be considered as ‘publication without permission’ and is a violation of the law.

8) The name ‘ spaans’ must be printed next to the images or in the picture credits. Directly after printing two copies of the issue inwich the images must be sent to in Den Haag.